DATA-DRIVEN CONSTRUCTION. Navigating the Data Age in the Construction Industry


Written in accessible language, this book is aimed at a wide range of readers in the con-struction industry – from students and novices looking to grasp the basics of modern con-struction processes to professionals looking to deepen their understanding of data man-agement and new data tools. Whether you are an architect, engineer, foreman, construction manager or data analyst, this comprehensive guide with many unique illustrations and graphs offers valuable insights into how to use data in business to optimise and automate processes, improve decision-making and manage construction projects at different levels using advanced tools.


Part 1: From the birth of data in construction to the digital age – explores the histori-cal development of data usage in construction, from ancient methods of recording data to the advent of digital technologies and ERP systems.

Part 2: Data Types, Systems, and Tools Used in the Construction Industry – delves into the various data types relevant to construction and introduces tools and frameworks for effective data management.

Part 3: Using Data in Business Processes – Covers the practical application of data in construction business processes, including project costing, estimating, scheduling and car-bon footprint calculations and shows what data-driven processes look like and how they are changing the way companies make decisions.

Part 4: Analytics, Automation, and Machine Learning – looks at the construction business through the lens of data analytics, automation, ETL processes, the use of machine learning and how modern approaches to data storage and processing are changing project management in the construction industry.


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Dive into the world of data-driven construction with this accessible guide, perfect for professionals and novices alike.
From the basics of data management to cutting-edge trends in digital transformation, this book
will be your comprehensive guide to using data in the construction industry.


Accessible to all

Whether you are a student, architect, engineer? foreman or construction manager, the book's plain language and visual approach will make complex concepts easy to understand.

Practical Applications

Learn to apply theory through ChatGPT, developing real-world solutions without deep dives into complex programming.

Strategic Insight

Learn how to use data as a strategic asset, optimizing processes, improving decision making, and managing projects more effectively.


Explore the latest trends in data processing, automation, machine learning, and predictive modeling to stay ahead in the industry.

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DATA-DRIVEN CONSTRUCTION. Navigating the Data Age in the Construction Industry
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