Frequently asked questions

1What exactly is a "pipeline" in the context of CAD (BIM) and document management?
A "pipeline" in this context refers to an automated workflow that streamlines the transfer, processing, and management of data and documents between different systems, such as CAD, BIM, ERP, Excel and others.
2How can your consulting services benefit our construction or design company?
Our consulting services can identify inefficiencies in your current processes, recommend automation strategies, and implement solutions that enhance productivity, reduce errors, and save time.
3How do these pipelines ensure the security and confidentiality of our documents and data?
Our pipeline solutions prioritize security, employing encryption, secure data transfer protocols, and access controls to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data
4Are the solutions you provide scalable as our company grows and our needs evolve?
Absolutely. Our solutions are designed to be scalable, ensuring they remain efficient and effective as your projects grow in size and complexity
5What kind of support and training do you offer post-implementation?
We provide comprehensive training for your team post-implementation and offer ongoing support to address any challenges or updates required
6What kind of ROI (Return on Investment) can we expect from automating these processes?
Automating processes can result in significant time savings, reduced errors, and streamlined operations, leading to a substantial ROI. The exact figures can be discussed during our consultation based on your current operations

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Navigating the Data Age in the Construction Industry

It is the automated collection, processing, analysis of unstructured data and its integration into construction management processes that opens up opportunities to reduce the human factor in many processes that today involve a large number of managers and support staff.

Use case

Automatic acquisition of data from CAD (BIM)
projects: documents, plots, dashboards

The concept of cyclicality and structure found in nature and science is also reflected in the modern world of data. Just as in nature all living things return to atoms and molecules, so in the world of modern data processing tools, in-formation tends to move to the most primitive, molecular form possible.

Use case

Build a Lake House Architecture

To validate new data coming into the systems - whether unstructured, textual or geometric - it must be converted into a loosely structured or structured format. In the validation process, each already transformed table of incoming or existing data should be checked against the complete list of required attrib-utes and their allowed values.

Use case

Streaming and automatic data validation from CAD (BIM) models of different versions

The analytics derived from the processing and exploration of massive amounts of structured data are crucial in the decision-making process in the construction industry.

Use case

Build databases of all past projects in different formats and versions to visualize, analyze and retrieve information

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