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Ad-Free Bundle: Converter DWG 1983-2023 and DGN V7-V8 to XLSX

Unlock the Ultimate Architectural Experience with the All-In Bundle

Welcome to the future of architectural data processing and exploration. All-In Bundle encompasses the unparalleled power of our cutting-edge converters, bringing you a seamless experience of transitioning from DWG and DWG projects into XLSX.

🔍 Deep Dive into Every Model: With this comprehensive package, every element of your model becomes an open book. Experience flawless access, deep exploration, and profound comprehension. Your designs’ metadata and geometry remain tightly linked, preserving their intrinsic integrity.

💡 Beyond the Horizon of Traditional CAD Tools: Why limit yourself to the conventional when you can redefine the norms? Our bundle lets you break free from the shackles of standard CAD tools, giving you unprecedented flexibility in processing and exploring CAD data.

The DataDrivenConstruction offers several ways to interact with the converter:

  1. A user-oriented interface application for quick data retrieval with basic customization capabilities
  2. A terminal application designed for technicians, compatible with all Windows terminals and adaptable to different coding platforms
  3. Code examples for batch conversion (suitable for simultaneous work with large amounts of data) and automatic processing

Key Features:
◾️ Compatible with DWG 1982-2023 versions.
◾️ Compatible with DGN V7-V8versions.
◾️ No need to run CAD programs
◾️ Extracts structured data from one or hundreds of projects simultaneously
◾️ Works offline without the need for Internet, Forge, APIs or plug-ins
◾️ Offers a perpetual license for the current versions, ensuring long-term usability without additional costs
◾️ The license is granted for a single workstation, providing a secure environment for your data processing needs

This tool, now accessible to everyday users, operates within full legal boundaries. All our software solutions are digitally signed, which enhances security and guarantees the the authenticity of our software. This step confirms our commitment to providing secure and reliable solutions.



How to get started with the converter

Question & Answer section

1What are the necessary components on my computer to initiate the conversion of Revit®, IFC and DWG files?
To begin the conversion process, simply download the converter zip package, extract its contents, and then run it either through its user interface or by integrating the conversion functionality into your application or automation scripts, without any need for further installation.
2What are the limitations of the FREE version of the converter?
The FREE version is restricted to Revit® versions 2015-2022, DWG 1983-2023 and IFC2x3. There are no restrictions on the number of files or file sizes
3Is it necessary to install Revit®, AutoCAD or any other plugins and tools on my computer for converting the data?
To perform the conversion, you don't require Revit®, AutoCAD or any additional tools from CAD or BIM vendors.
4Is an internet connection required for converting data from Revit®, AutoCAD and IFC files?
No, an internet connection is not necessary. The conversion process is completed entirely offline, without transmitting or receiving any data over the internet.
5Does the 'Ad-Free Full edition' have an expiration date?
No, there are no time usage restrictions on this version.
6Will future Revit®, AutoCAD and IFC versions be supported by the converter?
Yes, new versions of the converters will be released annually to include new Revit versions.
7Is the converter a single-time purchase or subscription-based?
Currently, it's a single-time purchase.
8What kind of support is provided with the converter?
Support includes installation, usage, configuration, diagnosis, and bug fixes.
9 Is there any file size limit for the converter?
No, there are no restrictions on file size.
10How is RVT, DWG object data extracted without opening Revit and AutoCAD?
The process involves reverse engineering tools, which is complex and legally permissible.
11Is it possible to get advice or training to use the converter?
We can provide automation consulting, application or training services on an hourly basis upon request.

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30-Day Full Refund Guarantee

If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with our app after receiving it or even before, you're protected by our 30-day full refund policy. Simply let us know, and we'll process your refund, no questions asked. You have a full year to decide if our product is right for you.

Ad-Free Data Conversion

In the free version of the converter, advertisements appear in the conversion results. However, in the full version, all advertising materials are removed, which allows you not to be distracted by working with data

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Ad-Free Bundle: Converter DWG 1983-2023 and DGN V7-V8 to XLSX
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