Start by mining the data into a structured form

Improve project efficiency and reduce delays

ChatGPT work with tables

ChatGPT code

4D time in construction

4D Work schedules

5D money calculations in construction

5D Calculations

Create PDF document from Revit IFC

PDF generation

Check Tables

Data validation

Filter and group data

Group and filter

QTO volume table revit IFC

Create QTO tables

Dashboard from Revit and IFC

Create graphs

Conect table to Database

Connection to ERP

5D money calculations in construction (2)

6D Facility

Create Excel XLS table from Revit IFC (2)

Batch processing

Export data to Revit from table

Export to Revit

Carbon footprint CO2 revit ifc

CO2 Footprint

USD format export to Omniverse

Export to USD

Work with Files in Windows mit Pandas and Jupyter Notebook

Work with folders

Work with Revit and IFC in Unity

Unreal Engine

Work with Revit and IFC in BlenderBIM


Export geometry as JPEG from Revit and IFC

Geometry snapshot

Work with Revit and IFC in Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine

Create online Dashboards

Create Dashboard

Compare two projects

Version comparison

3D Print aus Revit and IFC

Data for 3D print

Work with geometry boundingbox

Geometry work

Digital Tween in Construction

Digital twin

Big Data in Construction Revit IFC

Big Data

Machine Learning in construction

Machine Learning

Work with Revit and IFC in Omniverse


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